Nida Yasir Divorce Rumors on Social Media

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz
The rumors are hitting airwaves these day on social media that famous actor and director Yasir Nawaz and his wife Nida Yasir are going to separate with each other. Lots of rumors are emerging on Facebook from many months that Yasir Nawaz and TV actress Sohai Ali Abro are in serious relationship due to which Yasir Nawaz is all set... more →
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Actress Sila Hussain Secret Married Scandal?

Actress Sila Hussain
Pakistani actress Sila Hussain who has recently appeared in Pakistani movie “Saltanat” is disappeared from the industry now days even she did not make her appearance in the promotions of her most awaited film “Satanat”. According to the sources, some people are claiming that Sila Hussain got married in Karachi and is not... more →
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Actress Saba Qamar and Hamza Abbasi Termed Their Marriage’s Rumors False

saba qamar
The rumors are emerging all over here about famous and beautiful actress Saba Qamar and everyone’s favorite Pyaare Afzal, Hamza Ali Abbasi that both are in love and all set to get married. The rumors of their marriages come into view when they both seen very close in their pictures on social media. These personal and close pictures... more →
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