Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Airing illegal Commentary

ICC World Cup
Famous private FM radio network of Pakistan which holds exclusive rights of cricket world cup commentary broadcast has charged Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) for airing illegal broadcast of live commentary of the world cup matches. FM 107 warned to take serious legal actions against Pakistan broadcaster if this practice... more →
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Mir Shakeel Paid 80 Crores To Indian Actors To Attend Daughter Wedding?

According to the statement of Mubashir Lucman that Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman the owner of the geo channel gave 80 crores to Indian actors for attending the marriage ceremony of his daughter. He paid this huge amount of 80 crore to Indian hero Shahrukh khan. So many Indian actors came to attend his daughter’s marriage. But they were... more →
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Ushna Shah – Humayun Saeed Scandal Reality Exposed

Actress Ushna Shah and actor Humayun Saeed are stigmatized by A&B production. The most flop production of A&B “Bashar Momin” is getting flop that’s why this production is making scandal of this drama actress Ushna Shah with Humayun. They are doing this act for getting the concentration of the viewers on this drama. Actress... more →
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