ushna shah, Humayun saeedActress Ushna Shah and actor Humayun Saeed are stigmatized by A&B production. The most flop production of A&B “Bashar Momin” is getting flop that’s why this production is making scandal of this drama actress Ushna Shah with Humayun. They are doing this act for getting the concentration of the viewers on this drama.

Actress Ushna Shah and actor Humayun Saeed have to face troubles due to this fake rumor of their affair. It is said that actress Ushna Shah got disappear and she is also getting threats that she should not speak over this matter. Some people said that she has gone to Lahore; sources which are closed to her said that she is kept in the apartment and not allowed to speak anything. It is also said that she is in the shelter of Political parties.

According to the actor Humayun Saeed he has always been a part of scandal by media. In the past there were so many rumors were spread regarding his affairs with many actresses, he said. He said that all scandals belong to me proved to be wrong. There is someone else behind these scandals and I don’t want to take the name of that person, Humayun expressed.

Humayun further said that there were also a rumor of an affair of Ayesha Khan’s marriage with him, there was also the same person behind this scandal, who is trying to defame him. On this situation Humayun’s wife Samina Humayun said that actress Ushna Shah is very good friend of Samina and her husband Humayun. This scandal is quite sad, I and my husband Humayun often have meal with Ushna, we often sit together we are good friends, Samina Humayun expressed. She added that on 22nd May actress Ushna Shah, Humayun and I went for lunch. On the premier event of “Bashar Momin” Humayun got the invitation by the production of this drama and defamed him by making the scandal of Humayun and actress Ushna.         This production defamed Humayun by saying that he came in this event after the actress Ushna Shah. This mischievous act of this production was just for making their drama “Bashar Momin “successful. On the other hand “Bashar Momin” is called “Basheer Memon” in showbiz. Actress Ushna did not tell anything to the reporters but she updates her status on face book that, those people who are trying to defame others must watch themselves before defaming others.