Politicians are Hurdle in Pak-India Cultural Relation: Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah
Karachi: Indian Versatile Legendary Actor Naseeruddin Shah has said that our politicians are the obstacle among the good relation of Pak-India Cultural Relation. He has said that India is making subject less movies.  Good relation among India and Pakistan is very necessary in order to make good movies. Naseeruddin Shah has said... more →
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Singer Shehzad Roy To Start Program on Anti Narcotics Topic

shehzad roy
Karachi: Famous singer Shehzad Roy is about to start his program against drugs. He has said that drugs are openly sold in our country and there is conspiracy to spoil our youth. Singer Shehzad has said that selling of drugs is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Shehzad has said that drugs are sold in our schools, colleges and universities.... more →
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