Al-Azhar UniversityCairo: Al-Azhar University Egypt has condemned the movie “Nooh” which is made on about the life of Hazrat Nooh Alaihis Salam. This movie is against of our religion Islam. In this movie the incident of Hazrat Nooh Alaihis Salam’s boat is shown that how he saved his family. Actresses are performing the role of Hazrat Nooh (Nauzubillah).

This movie is totally against our religion and they have hurt the emotions of Muslims. Not only this movie but also they have made so many movies which are against Islam. They keep on trying to play with the emotions of Muslims by making these types of nonsense movies. We all Muslims condemn this movie and should take any action to stop them to make these types of movies which are against our religion Islam.

Movie “Nooh” has also made to hurt the emotions of Muslims like their other movies which are made to hurt Muslims. They are the biggest enemy of our religion and try to hurt us. This movie is going to be release on 28th march which is directed by Darren Aronofsky and the actors who have won “Oscar Awards “are Rachel Crow, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins.