Karachi: Basanti Express bus service is the buses for the women of Karachi. These buses will be driven by women, women drivers are under training for the driving. Women will be the drivers and conductors of Basanti Express. Their training will be completed within next two months. Basanti Express is the surprise gift for women for Women’s day. The Chairman of Social research and development organization Doctor Abdul Qadir Billu has decided for the separate transport for women.

The purpose of this bus is to secure the women. They feel insecure in public buses, while travelling with men. There is very short place for the women to sit in public buses. Sometimes conductors of the buses, men and boys sit in the portion of ladies due to the lack of space in the bus. This is not good for women and they feel insecure, sometimes women are teased by the men and conductors in Public buses. [alert style=”white”] Daewoo Buses Company is going to release these buses, Abdul Qadir said. Buses will travel from Surjani Town to Abdullah Shah Ghazi Clifton. [/alert]

karachi terrible busTraffic Police Masooma Changezi has said that this is very difficult for women to travel with men. Basanti Bus is the best solution for their difficulties, Masooma expressed.