Islamabad: Absa Komal is the newscaster of Pakistan from Islamabad. She joined Samaa TV and left Capital TV, she is the famous news anchor of Pakistan. Samaa channel is the most watching channel of Pakistan. Joining new channel is good for getting more experience.

Capital TV is also the most watching channel of Pakistan, Absa used to run a wonderful program on capital TV and now she is running a marvelous program on Samaa TV, she gives the news of the current affairs, whatever is happening in country. She also did marvelous program on Capital TV, Viewers like to watch her program since she has the ability to host the program wonderfully. She is the most intelligent personality of Pakistan got education from Islamabad University.

Absa started her career from radio and now she is considered to be the best host among the hosts of Pakistan. It is very difficult task to give news in live programs. Absa has always done a good job, whether which is on Samaa TV or Capital TV. Samaa channel is showing so many different programs of news.