imtiaz alamFamous host and analyst of Pakistan Imtiaz Alam denied to continuo his show “Acha lagay Bura Lagay” from Express News channel. He wanted to host the live program about the incident of TV journalist Hamid Mir. It was the incident of killing attack on Hamid. But Yousaf Baig Mirza the director of this program stopped him to do live show.

Host Imtiaz Mirza gave a notice for 30 days and resigned for the hosting of this show. The management asked him to host the pre-recorded program about Hamid Mir but Imtiaz Alam was not in favor of pre-recording. Imtiaz Alam is the journalist and president of South Asian Free Media Association.

The management should not have stopped him for doing a live show about the incident of Hamid Mir. Host Imtiaz Alam is the most talented host and if he had done this program live, It would have been good. Because he was about to discuss on hot topic of the attack of Hamid Mir. These types of programs should come live on TV. Viewers also like to watch such a hot topic live.