News Anchor Mohammad Shoaib Yar KhanMohammad Shoaib Yar Khan is a well-known face of Aaj TV who is working as a news presenter in this leading channel of Pakistan since 2012. He has an extensive experience in the field of news anchoring as he has been remained the news anchor of several channels. He was born on 18th July in Karachi.

Mr. Mohammad Shoaib Khan has been affiliated with the media group from the past few years as he started his career with Rung TV in the year 2005. In a very quick period of time, Mohammad Shoaib Khan became the news presenter of Business Plus channel in 2006 which is known as one of the popular channels of Pakistan where he got an opportunity to polish his skills and expertise. He has great awareness about reporting and journalism which helps him to create interest of viewers on current events and subjects.

News anchor of Aaj TV, Mohammad Shoaib Yar Khan contains great skills of communication which supports him to present news with confidence in order to attract attention of many viewers. He is able to accept every challenge within the given time as he is successfully performing his duties with full concentration and deliberation. Mohammad Shoaib completed his graduation from University of Karachi in the year 2003.