The Voice show setA reality show “The Voice” is all put to go into Pakistan. The reality show would be broadcasted the entertainment channel Urdu 1 that effectively brought MasterChef franchise to Pakistan this year.  According to sources that Urdu 1 has supposedly bought the license of the show but the production has been postponed at the moment due to hidden reasons

‘The Voice’ is renowned for its exclusive format of taking in a team of four celebrity judges who appraise the open public auditions to choose the top performers; the lucky ones then battle under the guidance of their elected coaches. Each coach directs their favorite teams of artists through the whole season while challenging with each other as the winner and expulsion is determined through public votes.

Globally measured a major opponent, the Idol series has already gone into Pakistan with Pakistan Idol. Although greatly recognized, the first installment of Pakistan Idol established an average feed back from the Pakistani audience due to different reasons.

Considering Geo’s uncertain situation for the past couple of months, it is quickly to declare whether the channel would get the risk of bringing another season of the show therefore giving ‘The Voice’ a considerable room for victory.