Javeria Saud with Satrungi castJaveria Saud morning show on Express Entertainment. ‘Satrungi’ – Rung de Zindagi approaches every Monday to Friday at 9:0oam and while clichéd it is not brain deadening. The best thing about Satrungi is Javeria Saud. Her active and energetic personality adds vigor to the show. Since the channel introduced its morning show things have was a crowd puller but her decision to get a break after shadi carried volatility for the channel.

In such tough situation Saud approaches as a new step of his career. she is famous and has a fan following which might enter in Express’ favor. Inspired by Aamir Liaquat’s ‘Inam Ghar’ Saud has set up a new section in her show where expensive gifts would be distributed to guests.

In another section host Sharique Mehmood would create a surprise visit to special areas of the city and give gifts on every right answer. For music buffs the show presents a chance to aspire singers. They just have to forward an email to get a grand entry on the show.

Javeria Saud is outstanding morning show hosts unhappily the show stayed average. So far, most of the guests have been famous person of different areas. On the top of the list is reduced marketing strategy. Many projects have skipped under the radar due to restricted advertising. The set is bright and the strategy is a bit uncertain. Express is the channel that unsuccessful to package a ratings magnet like Amir Liaquat to his best advantage and they might be committing the same error again.