Journalists_KilledMore than 25 Pakistani journalists have been killed in the last 10 years. Committee for Protection of Journalists (CPJ) has said that 6 suspected murderers of Geo News reporter had been arrested last year which was a good news for the journalists circle but recent incidents of attack on journalists and failure of fulfilling promises with CPJ is disappointing. According to the recent report of CPJ, “2015 Global Impunity Index”, 3 journalists have been murdered in the tenure of previous index. With this, figure of killings of journalists in the last 10 years has reached to 22.

In this list, TV reporter Shan Dahar is also included who was murdered while he had been reporting illegal sale of donated medicines in the local hospital. Forgiveness of murderers of Wali Khan Babar is increasing insecurity and attack incidents on journalists. Famous TV host Hamid Mir had severely wounded in the attack last year. Print media journalist Zafar Jatak was killed in Balochistan, this year. Neo TV reporter Zaman Mahsud killed in Tank, this month. The report said that the journalists get threats from Army, Intelligence Agencies, Political Parties, Criminal Gangs, Militants and Corrupt Local Leaders.

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This index also said that the rating of Pakistan in the unresolved murder cases of journalists, per 10 lacs of population is 0.119, which was at 9th position with 0.123 last year.