moor film ticketsMoor (means mother in Pashto) film is expected to release in April of this year. The film is directed by Jami Mahmood. Jami is famous director but until now he has only directed advertisements and music videos in which he has done very good work.

The film is produced by Nadeem Mandviwalla. AzadFilm Company & Mandviwalla Entertainment is presenting the film which is also written by Jami. Strings band have given music pf the film. Jami and her wife Nazira Ali have written the story. Farhan Hafeez has done the cinematography work.

The cast of the film is Hameed Sheikh, Shabbir Rana, Samiya Mumtaz, Shaz Khan, Ayaz Samoo, , Abdul Qadir, Ali Sheikh, Sonya Hussyn, Azlan Shah, Habib Panazayi. Meesha Shafi and Javed Bashir have alos recorded songs for this movie.

The film has been made at the budget of Rs. 55 million. Moor is shot in the Pashtun-dominated belt of Balochistan province. Most of the scenes were filmed in Muslim Baagh, Khanozai and Shelabagh. Some sequences have also been shot in Karachi.

[alert style=”white”] During the shooting of the film Jami was detained by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and shooting was stopped for three days but after that shooting started again. Jami also encountered Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) members who according to Jami were very accommodating and didn’t bother at all. [/alert]

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