Model-Saima-AzharSuper Model Saima Azhar who got fame from commercial advertisements announced that she will be stepping into the Pakistani film Industry. While talking about her entry she said that she has been signed up for a movie which is financed by huge capital. She will be doing a strong and important role in the movie. She added that movie will play a vital role in bringing people along with the cinema back to life. After watching the movie people will smile and will feel happy instead of feeling sad and depressed.

Saima Azhar commended the revival of Pakistani cinema and made a comment that the focus should be moved from movies which are featuring terrorists and militancy to the movies which are more humorous and romantic in nature. Pakistanis are already in problems so we should work on making them smile and to forget about the problems by screening a positive and lighter side of our lives, she added.

The advent of new movies has provided with opportunity for the super models to work in the film Industry as many of the models are being signed up by the film makers to act in different roles in the movies. People want to see new faces and energetic new actors the revival of the cinema along with the onset of new movies has provided the fashion Models with the opportunity to work in the film industry.