Culture graphicsGovernment is taking keen interest in promoting the regional culture. Rana Muhammad Arshad who is the secretary for Information and culture of the Punjab Provincial Government announced that important steps are being taken by the government to ensure the promotion of our Pakistani region.

While talking about the steps the government took for the promotion of culture the secretary said that the Alhamra Arts hall now host different events which earlier were found empty. Adding to the said that the types of events which will be hosted by Alhamra hall include artistic work. Currently Government is organizing different events in order to promote the culture and values along with the hard work of Artists. Other steps include exemption of taxes from the cinema entry tickets.

The secretary also said that government has formed a committee which is working on improving the quality of script of the stage dramas. The Punjab Provincial government is playing its part in reviving the media Industry which is representative of our Pakistani culture. Different cultural activates highlighting the cultural value are regularly being conducted.