Fareena IjazModel Fareena Ijaz, has been found guilty in a defamation case registered against her.  The case was filled in Lahore High court against her for defaming prominent and powerful personalities. Additional session Judge Nasir Javed Rana heard the case which was originally filled by Mian Shahbaz Ahmed Advocate.

On 1st March of this year Model Fareena Ijaz while talking in a talk show on Capital TV said that some famous personalities were part of a scandal at Dubai Fashion Show. On hearing this the people who were accused to be the part of the game came into action and denied her claim. A defamation case was filled soon after by Mian Shahbaz Ahmed Advocate in the Lahore High court against Fareena Ijaz who is a model from Karachi.

At the court she said that she made a false claim regarding the scandal to blackmail the rich and famous people. She apologized on her shameful act and requested to be forgiven as she don’t want to go to jail and face the hardships of there. Mian Shahbaz Ahmed Advocate at this occasion thanked ALLAH that he won this complicated case.