news anchor mehreen sibtainMehreen Sibtain newscasterMehreen Sibtain is a noteworthy news anchor and show host. She is gaining popularity now because she is usually seen on the prime time news bulletins. She also has a favorable number of fans too. She is currently working in the headquarters of Express News at Lahore.

Mehreen’s hometown is Lahore, Punjab. There are many newscasters and anchors which are from Lahore and this proved to be the inspiration to be in the media industry also. She always wanted to work in the media. Her dream came true when she got employment in Express news. Her way of delivering the news is very special. Her style is very different. This has proved to be the cause of why people adore her.

Mehreen started on with her career in journalism as a news anchor. Express News was the first one to give her a chance to let her kick starts her career. She is linked with the Express News for a great span of time.

Unlike other newscasters who usually change or join new channels very frequently, she does not. She started her career with them and she continues to pursue it. She was also among the newscasters of Express News which covered the infamous elections of May 2013.