meeraMultan: Controversial queen Meera has showed kindness towards veteran politician Sheikh Rasheed while saying that he is a good politician and she condemns what happened in Multan with Sheikh Rasheed. Meera was talking to the media at a fundraising campaign for her hospital at Girls College in Multan where she also said that she has no interest in politics but people should know the correct usage of the vote.

Pakistani actress Meera who is all set to build a hospital in Multan also said during an event that by seeing these students, she can remember her own childhood, girls are the future of Pakistan and she can see Malala in them. She further said that mother has also remained associated with the educational field and she is working with her mother for the improvement of education in Pakistan. In response to a question on marriage, Meera replied that marriage is my personal matter and I am here for a welfare work and I do not think to discuss and talk about my personal life and marriage.

It is pertinent to mention that Meera is following Imran Khan in making hospital for needy and poor people as she has said that in an interview that Shaukat Khanum hospital is the great achievement of Imran Khan. She wants to help poor class like Imran Khan by providing free treatment to them.