Meera, the Lollywood actress has finally decided to give up speaking English. She spoke to the media men that she is fond of conversing in Urdu language but as need of the time, she has had to speak English. Otherwise, speaking English had never been her choice.

Last year by September, it was high in news that Meera wants to learn English language and have full command over it. She also had taken English diploma programs but then she gave up the idea. Meera had said of learning the language throughout her life.

Meera[alert style=”white”]Meera, the 37 aged actress has had been into limelight due to her weak command over English language.  Once, during any interview she had pronounced Mc Donald as “Aim See Donaald”, which was enough to get into minds of people.[/alert]

Despite being a known actress of the local industry, she is taken as a figure to crack jokes. Her lack of confidence and her conversational tones are often mimicked by the actresses at shows.

As a person, Meera is kind and humble, says of the bloggers, who on the purpose of her work got the chance to meet the film star. We shall not count weaknesses of an individual only, but rather appreciate and acknowledge the good attributes.