question_exclamation-markThe current situation is equivalent to, all media channels at one side and Bol TV on other side, even before its launch. It may be termed as extreme rivalry supported by jealousy or may be competition. Extra Ordinary coverage itself is pointing to the matter that Bol TV’s existence is very important fact or may we say threat for other News channels. Although Axact is the parent company of Bol TV but still it is a separate entity, Bol is being victimized merely on its relationship with Axact.

Some other points must also be considered examining the case of Bol TV victimization. Firstly the timing of publishing of the article in New York Times. Axact has been operating for number of years and for the sake of clearing our views lets assume that Axact was really involved in selling fake degrees (as we cannot ascertain until the investigations are done by FIA).

So such a business which existed for years and which was earning millions of Dollars (as per the article) and not a single individual or company or Government agency in Pakistan knew about it (this fact is not easy to swallow), neither any article got published regarding Axact’s nature of Business earlier, then how come after years at a certain time New York Times publishes the article and specific media houses in Pakistan fully endorse the article which was written by a foreign journalist and published by an American Newspaper. Why any article was not published earlier? This question is important in this case.

Another important worth considering point is that all the News channels started attacking Bol TV on the basis of the Axact case. Especially the enmity of Express Media with Axact and Bol Media group is evident from their content. This point is understandable, the enmity is because top anchorpersons and journalists were hired by Bol Group on very good salaries hence creating shortfall of human resources for almost all the channels. Bol no doubt should be appreciated for offering good salaries as this points to the fact, that they value the human resource, whereas the situation in other channels is not hidden from anyone even very big names do not pay their staff for months even a very low salary, very low as compared to the job journalists are doing.

As a Pakistani nation, we have a very shameful weakness we keep on propagating the problems USA has created for us and just a single article which American Newspaper publish, all media houses even the Government of Pakistan comes into action on the basis of the article which was published in the newspaper of the same America which creates problems for Pakistan. We are not even awake to remain cautious regarding the games which other states are playing with our beloved Pakistan. Foreign investment should not be allowed at least in the media Industry if we want Pakistan’s Interest to remain the first priority of the Media too. We are not associated with Axact or Bol group neither directly nor indirectly. We have firm belief on rule of law and we demand Justice if it is proven that Axact group really was selling fake degrees the responsible individuals must be punished as per law.