geo_logoPersonal of Geo News has protested over the delay in salaries. The protest was staged in front of main office of Geo News. Sometimes back the employees and staff announced that they will protest if they weren’t paid their salaries. The news at that time noted that Geo was facing financial crises as the channel faced frequent close downs. The inside sources whereas claimed that Geo was doing all this to gather sympathies.

Despite severe criticism on Geo News over the matter of non-payment of salaries along with call for serious protests by employees and staff.  Geo’s management didn’t paid salary to the employees and contract workers too went unpaid, According to the source dozens of employee have already left Geo News and most of them have joined Bol Network.

The claim of the source further emphasizes that not even the lower staff and contract employees were being paid. As per the source many people are in wait to join Bol News. This is also a reason number of employees are protesting to get their dues cleared within time so that they may join Bol TV.