Music is generally perceived as the most universal of all art forms. Music means self-expansion, oneness and reality.

A true artist that has immense passion and love for music can justify to its beauty. Masood Alam a true icon, a passionate musician from the suburbs of Karachi, found his destiny in the form of music.

In Pakistan there is sure no scarcity of talent but how many have the heart to take it to the end and bring a paradigm shift. Masood Alam belongs to the aristocracy of composers.

He never wrote a piece of music unless he had something to say and he never repeated himself; he never outstayed his welcome. No two of his composed pieces are alike, each one creates its own world.

He lays his soul before us in music like the Second Symphony, yet it is noble as much as passionate.

His melodic invention is to die for, his harmonic flavour subtle and instantly recognisable, his art is rich yet never cloying. He has the gift of making his music seem as if he is speaking just to you.

Masood Alam, is the only artist who served music industry of Pakistan for years and even worked for free at most days of his career. An inspirational artist that left the ease of life for the love of music.

He got his big break when PTV invited him to compose music for one of their transmission “123 Check” for which he got lauded by many.

Masood Alam reluctantly worked day and night from studio to studio and composed 76 songs in an year which is far fetch dream for most artists in Pakistan.

In recent days, Masood Alam made a music foundry that has done so much for other composers, musicians and singers at building a music institution and shaping their career.

This foundry had produced many harmonious music for Pakistan’s most loved brands and artists and now is still up and flourishing cause of Masood Alam.