Nausheen Art and Culture Center in Jeddah celebrated its first anniversary with the families of Pakistanis, in which the famous young singer of Pakistan, Kaifi Khalil, made a splash with his beautiful and famous songs for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

A large number of Pakistanis participated and made the event memorable, along with Nosheen Waseem, a major organization of journalists, PJF, along with other social media experts made the event a memorable event for Jeddah.

Apart from Kaifi Khalil, Abida Hussain, a singer from Pakistan, and Salim Rafiq, a local young singer, also won the hearts of the audience by performing songs.

Kaifi Khalil’s record winning song “Kahani Suno” set the tone and all the participants sang along with him.

The organizer of the program Nosheen Waseem said that it has always been our effort to provide a good entertainment environment for Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia and promote Pakistani culture in Saudi Arabia.