Madiha Fakhar is a noteworthy news anchor and host. She has been gathering some hype now onwards. She is a fresh starter in the media industry; she hopes to succeed in her career. To succeed, a person has to work hard, and she tries to work hard all the time. Her appearance on the TV is well appreciated by the news viewers also. She has become a favorite among them. This has boosted her chances to land a much better job but right now she is linked with Express news.

Madiha Fakhar is from Punjab’s largest city, Lahore. Like most of the news anchors, she has done Masters in Communication Skills. She does not use any social network websites. She is very reserved and she does not share many details about herself. The way she presents the news is very exclusive and this is one of the reason she has gathered a good number of fan base.

Madiha is currently working with the Express News. There, she holds the designation of a news anchor. It is her first TV channel where she is working. Her previous work records are none to be found as she is very reserved.

Express News is a prominent news channel of Pakistan. It streams some of the best shows. They cover all the important news on time.