Asma Iqbal is a much-publicized and an extraordinary newscaster. She is an extremely talented person who uses her skills well to do her best. She has worked for one of the biggest news channels of Pakistan; some of them are Geo TV, Aaj TV, and PTV etc. Except for her talent, she is also known for her swift swaps among news channels.

Asma Iqbal was born on October 17th, 1983. She is currently 29 years old. Asma is from Lahore, Punjab. She is happily married. Her husband’s name is Faisal. She also has a son. She has her own Facebook page where she posts and reply to messages of her fans. She has a particular style of presenting the news. Her expressions and hand gestures are always great. Her often smiles during the bulletin are also cute.

She has worked as a news anchor at the following news channels, i.e.: Channel 42, Aaj TV, Geo TV, PTV and Express news. She commenced her career from Channel 42. She then joined other news channels and worked their for a considerable time. Her last stop these days is Geo. She is just more than an anchor she is quick, sensible and witty more than her male coworkers. She is currently working there and she looks pretty satisfied there.