pakistani fm channelsWhile we continue to debate on the ‘foreign’ content ‘invasion’ in our media industry, we fail to realize the different mediums of communication that are not promoting the ‘foreign music’ but also have ‘exempted’ themselves from paying taxes to the government.

There falls list of fm channels that operate locally through out Pakistan. They operate from the big as well as small cities. Channels that generate considerable amount by playing Indian music include FM 89, 91,100, 101,103,105,106.2 and 107.4. They air more than 80 % of the Indian music during their programming hours.

These channels play Indian music stating that the audience demand force them to follow the trend. The standards are set by the media. If our media instead of defending their format by calling it to be the audience demand, admit that it is the revenue generation that makes them to give importance to the foreign content prior to the local content then it can make some difference.

It is pertinent here to mention that following year, the government had imposed taxes on foreign produced films and dramas. Rs 1 million for a film while Rs 100,000 Rs per episode.

Dramas and films screen of foreign countries pay taxes then why the fm channels are exempted from the legal obligation? The government should take strict notice of the issue and form strict policy against the non-tax payers.

The Indian music airing began in mid 2000’s. When a common man is liable to 17 % tax then why these media agents be left? We Pakistanis why feel hesitant to discuss our local content and airing them?