Yumna Zaidi & Ushna Shah Joins Lemon Max Bar Family

Yumna Zaidi and Ushna Shah have teamed up for the new advertisement of Lemon Max Bar. The new advertisement is showing Yumna and Ushna as friends. The previous advertisement featured Zhalay Sarhadi and Anam Fayyaz. The advert showed the power of Lemon max from a mother’s view point. Whereas this new advert emphasizes the anti-germ... more →
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Ushna Shah – Humayun Saeed Scandal Reality Exposed

Actress Ushna Shah and actor Humayun Saeed are stigmatized by A&B production. The most flop production of A&B “Bashar Momin” is getting flop that’s why this production is making scandal of this drama actress Ushna Shah with Humayun. They are doing this act for getting the concentration of the viewers on this drama. Actress... more →
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Actor Humayun Saeed Starts Following Actress Ushna Shah

Humayun Saeed with Ushna Shah
Karachi: Famous actor Humayun Saeed is taking interest in actress Ushna Shah these days. It has been the rumor that they guys are seen together these days, but when Humayun went after Ushna in the launching event of Ushna’s drama “Bashar Momin”, the rumor turned out to be true. They both were seen together in whole event. Not... more →
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Actress Ushna Shah brief Biography and Dramas Details

Ushna Shah
Pakistani actress Ushna Shah is a famous actress. She started her career with leading role “Durr-e-Shahwar” in “Shehr E Yaran” and “Mere khuwabon Ka Diya”. Ushna lived most of her life in Canada. She has just moved back to Pakistan for joining showbiz. Actress has always been in theatre since her childhood behind the... more →
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