Samaa TV Claims MQM Workers Harassed Female Journalists

Azizabad PTI Rally
Imran Khan went with his wife Reham Khan to visit Jinnah ground, Azizabad Karachi. Thousands of people were present there to welcome them and have a glimpse of their beloved leader. All the Media reported the event which was marked by the visit of Imran Khan to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement ‘MQM’ Stronghold Azizabad. Samaa TV... more →
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Registration Procedure of Game Show Jeet ka Samaa by Sahir Lodhi

jeeta ka samaa cover by sahir lodhi
Famous television and radio host Sahir Lodhi had started a new game show on Samaa television named as “Jeet Ka Samaa”. While announcing the news of his new show some days ago, Sahir Lodhi claimed that it would be the biggest show in the television history of Pakistan. Sahir Lodhi said “CHAMKAO APNI QISMAT KA SITARA, KIUN K... more →
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