Reham Khan’s Show is Going to Start Again on Dawn News

Reham Khan
As the news peaked regarding Reham Khan joining politics. Now according to the sources Reham Khan wife of Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is all set to make return on Television she will be hosting a program on Dawn News. Her program will start in first week of May which will be screened once a week on Dawn News. After her marriage... more →
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Reham Khan Offers Film Role to Mussarat Shaheen

Mussarat Shaeen
Chairperson of Pakistan Movement for women and a famous veteran actor Mussarat Shaheen met Imran Khan and Reham Khan. Reham Khan offered Mussarat Shaheen a role in her upcoming movie. Mussarat Shaheen didn’t accepted the offer on spot. She added that Reham Khan is a hardworking and a good tempered woman and I had a very good meeting... more →
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Reham Khan Joins Dawn News After Leaving Aaj TV

Reham Khan
Famous anchorperson of Aaj TV Reham Khan has shaken hand with Dawn News by leaving Aaj TV where she used to host famous current affairs talk shows Infocus and Aaj With Reham. Reham Khan who has been working in the journalism field since 2007 has also worked with News One and BBC. Famous journalist Reham Khan started her career with... more →
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