Reham-KhanReham Khan is a well-known anchor of AAJ TV and journalist who is known as the top anchor among all as she is currently hosting her program “Aaj with Reham”. Reham Khan’s show is a famous program of Aaj TV as she always through neutral and logical questions in front of her guest. But her immoral wardrobe of Reham Khan has also been noticed which is being criticized by many Pakistanis.

Reham Khan who is famous for her accuracy of the report, is being targeted on the Social Media due to her immoral dressing sense during her political show. As we know that mostly celebs got criticized for their act through social media, similarly Reham Khan is condemning by the people on social networking as her immoral wardrobe has been remarked by the many people. People are criticizing Reham Khan that as a Pakistani she should not supposed to dress like she does and she should change her immoral dressing style during the political show.

The 43-years old host and journalist, has worked in News One channel and BBC. Her political show at News One “The Right Angel” was also popular show as she was successfully capturing hearts through her way of hosting which is appreciated by the viewers . Anchor Reham was born April 4, 1971 and she started her career with a live show for Legal TV, after that she started presenting for Sunshine Radio Hereford and Worcester.