Pakistani drama actress Jana Malik has become the part of the protest of public because she wore a controversial T-Shirt. She wore the shirt Allah was written on it. Everybody is abusing her for these shameful activities. Our actors don’t care that what they are wearing, they should think before wearing these kinds of dresses.

Actress Ayesha Omer also became the part of protest; she also wore this kind of dress in her drama “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”. But she apologized for this and said that she wanted to change her shirt before shooting, but the director asked her not to change this T-shirt. She further said that it was just a cartoony shirt which was gifted to her by her friends and she didn’t mean to entertain people, while wearing this T-shirt in drama.

Jana should ask her apologize to Allah for her mischievous activity and should not try again to wear these types of dresses. Actors should think about it, that they are Muslims and they should remain in their limit. They should not try to make the fun of their religion.

Here is Picture which is spreading on Internet

jana malik