Mussarat ShaeenChairperson of Pakistan Movement for women and a famous veteran actor Mussarat Shaheen met Imran Khan and Reham Khan. Reham Khan offered Mussarat Shaheen a role in her upcoming movie. Mussarat Shaheen didn’t accepted the offer on spot. She added that Reham Khan is a hardworking and a good tempered woman and I had a very good meeting with Imran Khan and Reham Khan. I haven’t met Director, writer or any other team member of the movie yet, she said.

Reham Khan will start the work soon on her upcoming movie. She said that I am from Swat and the movie will be shot in Swat. I want to do something through which a positive Image of Pakistan may be conveyed to the world and this movie will help me achieve my goal of showing the beautiful face of Pakistan and the positive reality to the world. Mussarat Shaheen was offered to play the role of fraternal aunt of Reham Khan in the movie but Mussarat didn’t came forward to accept the offer.

The movie will be covering the Pakhtoon traditions, it will be romantic-comedy movie in nature. True face of Pakistanis and there loving nature will be shown to the world via this movie. According to the sources the movie will be made on the famous Pashto Poet Khushal Khan Khattak. Revival of Pashto Cinema is also linked with it.