Hamza Ali Abbasi Comments on Music Started Debate on Social Media

Recently Hamza Ali Abbasi on Social Media regarded Music as being not forbidden by ALLAH and the Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon Him and His Progeny) in his post which was followed by series of Posts over the same topic by Hamza on Facebook. He keeps on commenting now and then on wide range of topics which include politics, sports... more →
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Hamza Ali Abbasi Favors to Work in Bollywood

Hamza Ali Abbasi recently while talking to media said that opportunity to work in Bollywood should not be left and he will work in Bollywood if he is offered a powerful role in a good movie. He said that he was recently offered two different roles in two movies but he didn’t accepted the offer one due to inappropriate storyline... more →
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Hamza Ali Abbasi & Mani Come to Streets for NA-246 Election

Hamza Ali Abbasi in PTI karachi Rally
Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mani have come to streets for NA-246. In yesterday’s rally in Karachi Hamza Ali Abbasi also known as Pyarey Afzal and host Mani were seen at streets for promotion of voting campaign for Imran Ismail. It is observed that they don’t feel shame or are not afraid of doing anything that supports their cause. The... more →
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Hamza Ali Abbasi to Host the Mountain Dew Action Event

hamza ali abbasi
Pakistan’s emerging young energetic Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi will be among the hosting team of the Mountain Dew’s upcoming event. The team of three ‘Dew crew’ includes Hamza Ali Abbasi, Khitab Khan and Moin Khan. Hamza Ali Abbasi will lead the team as they will visit Karachi, Lahore and Multan. The other two members Khitab... more →
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