Reham Khan Starts Writing Columns for Dunya Newspaper

Popular Pakistani journalist and wife of PTI Chief Imran Khan, Reham Khan has joined Dunya Media Group as a Columnist. Recently, Reham Khan left Dawn News for her movie. She has started writing columns for Dunya Newspaper and her first column has been published in the newspaper with the title “Har Chamakti Cheez Sona Nhi Hoti”.... more →
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Wajahat Saeed Khan Joins Dunya Media Group

Wajahat S Khan
One of the most senior investigative journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan has joins Dunya Media Group. He has joined Dunya Media Group as Chief National Security Correspondent and will lead its National Security Desk in Islamabad. He is one of the few multimedia journalists of Pakistan and is widely known for his exclusive investigative... more →
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Pakistanis Condemns Rauf Klasra’s Column on Urdu Speaking Community

Rauf Klasra
Pakistani’s have condemned the remarks of famous columnist Rauf Klasra against the Urdu speaking community. On 28th June, the column of Rauf Klasra was published in Daily Dunya Newspaper, with the title “Hamarey Adeeb Hi Wapas Kar Do…”, in which he had totally ignored all the sacrifices of the Urdu speaking community, generally... more →
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Pakistan Broadcasting Association Publishes Report on Axact & Bol Network

Top broadcasters body of the country, Pakistan Broadcasting Association (PBA) has published a detailed report on Axact and Bol Network in the leading newspapers of Pakistan. One page report with the title “The Facts About Bol and Axact” have raised many points on the source of income of so called biggest IT company of Pakistan... more →
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