Daily Jinnah Newspaper Employees Waiting Salaries from 3 Months

The employees of Daily Jinnah Newspaper are waiting for their salary from the last 3 months. According to the sources of Pakistan Media Updates, all the employees have last received their salary for the month of May, and after that they are waiting from the last 3 months. The sources of Pakistan Media Updates have told that the administration... more →
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Daily Jinnah Newspaper To Launch on 28th May in Karachi

Daily Jinnah Newspaper is going to launch on 28th May in Karachi. The newspaper is already publishing on daily basis in Lahore and Islamabad and now going to launch in Karachi. Previously it was expected that it will be launched for the public in January or February 2015 but was delayed due to some internal issues. The daily Jinnah... more →
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Young Energetic Journalist Usman Hanif Brief Profile

usman hanif
Dedicated and talented journalist Usman Hanif joins Daily Jinnah Newspaper, published from Karachi. He joined Jinnah Newspaper as a Reporter and covers the news related to health. Usman Hanif has great reporting skills with a number of sources in Market. He is able to translate from Urdu to English or from English to Urdu effectively.... more →
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