Daily_JinnahThe employees of Daily Jinnah Newspaper are waiting for their salary from the last 3 months. According to the sources of Pakistan Media Updates, all the employees have last received their salary for the month of May, and after that they are waiting from the last 3 months. The sources of Pakistan Media Updates have told that the administration is not giving any reason for the delay in the salaries. The employees of the newspaper are suffering from financial crises and are taking loans from the others for necessary expenditures.

Although Daily Jinnah Newspaper is owned by property tycoon of Pakistan, Malik Riaz and he is famous for his charity in the country, but the financial condition of his own newspaper employees is getting worst day by day due to non-payment. 3 months ago, Daily Jinnah Newspaper was launched from Karachi also, while its Chief Editor is renowned journalist and poet, Mahmood Shaam.

Employees of Daily Jinnah Newspaper have appealed the owner Malik Riaz to seriously look into this matter and call the management to release the salaries of employees as soon as possible.

It is to be stated that delayed salaries is very big issue in the Pakistani media industry and several other newspapers and television channels are not paying salaries to their employees on time.