Senior TV Anchor Tariq Mateen Gets Threats on Social Media

Tariq Mateen
Senior Television anchor Tariq Mateen has become the center of attention after getting continuous threats on social media. Tariq Mateen is receiving several messages and pictures on Facebook and Twitter in which he is threatened with very bad language. People belongs to a particular sectarian group declared Tariq Mateen as a fanatic... more →
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TV Host & Producer Adil Abbasi Joins Channel 92, Leaves Abb Takk

Adil Abbasi
Islamabad: TV Host & Producer Adil Abbasi has joined Channel 92 after quitting from Abb Takk TV Channel. Anchor person Adil Abbasi Sunday categorically disproved the rumors that had thought he was asked by Abb Takk TV management to leave. He resigned due to bad media management practices. Adil Abbasi became globally and openly... more →
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Jobs in Channel 92 News TV

Channel 92 News TV is known as the first upcoming HD TV channel which aims to provide noteworthy information and entertainment to audiences related to Current Affairs, Sports, Crime, Weather, Health, Education, Sports, Business, Religion and Morning Show. The channel tends to play a vital role in media with the collaboration of an... more →
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