Tariq MateenSenior Television anchor Tariq Mateen has become the center of attention after getting continuous threats on social media. Tariq Mateen is receiving several messages and pictures on Facebook and Twitter in which he is threatened with very bad language. People belongs to a particular sectarian group declared Tariq Mateen as a fanatic news anchor who only invites leaders of the opposite sectarian group and liberals to discuss against their sect. Tariq Mateen shared those messages and pictures to his fans and followers with the names of the senders. Extremists threat Tariq Mateen by saying that “if our views will not include in the upcoming programs then the next turn will be yours”.

Tariq Mateen is one of the most experienced news casters and anchorpersons of Pakistani television industry. He has been linked with Dunya News for six years. However he earned fame from Geo News where he spent more than four years as a news anchor. Tariq Mateen is currently hosting a talk show on Channel 92, the newly introduced news channel.

The fans and followers of Tariq Mateen condemned the coward act by extremist group on social media and demand the government to take some serious actions against this.

Update 1st March 2015: Tariq Mateen has decided to file complaint in Police against these threats, Pakistan Media Updates Correspondent reported.

Here is the Tweet of Tariq Mateen, showing the evidence of threats.