Mubasher Lucman is Willing to Join Bol News?

Mubasher Lucman
Mubasher Lucman has resigned from ARY News. He was hosting the program Khara sach. His program was considered to be the ‘voice of masses’ by most of the people. He has resigned earlier too from ARY News but rejoined again after sometime. This time he has resigned for availing another better alternate. His stance was that ARY... more →
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MCB Bank Replies on ARY News Allegations

The public notice recently published in Daily Dawn from the solicitors of MCB, Mian Muhammad Mansha which came in reply of a media campaign being carried out on ARY News against MCB Bank Limited. The notice was intended for the information of public, the notice read that all allegations against MCB and Mian Muhammad Mansha are baseless.... more →
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Senior Anchor Mubasher Lucman Resigns From ARY News

Mubasher Lucman
The famous news analyst and host of the program “Khara Sach”, Mubasher Lucman has resigned from ARY News along with the entire team last night. The decision just came after the program “Khara Sach” was terminated by the management of ARY News. Senior anchor person got angry on this decision by the channel management and decided... more →
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ARY News Transmission Forcefully Cut Off in Karachi

ARY News Transmission
One of the most viewed channels in Pakistan, ARY News was shut down in different areas of Karachi last night on 24th Feb at around 11 PM. The transmission was forcefully cut off in many areas of Karachi by the unidentified people, ARY News reported. The sources of ARY News claimed that the transmission was forcefully cuts off in... more →
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