professor tahir masood KUChairman of Mass Communication Department, Karachi University (KU) Dr. Tahir Masood has resigned over some unresolved issues with the Faculty Members of his own department. Dr. Tahir also contacted Vice Chancellor KU and requested his intervention into the matter but he didn’t received any reply from the other side.

Dr. Tahir proposed some changes in the syllabus taught to students, the currently imposed syllabus is 18 years old. He wanted to have more contemporary and practical syllabus which will be more helpful for the students when they enter the practical life. It won’t be wrong to declare the current syllabus as a risk for the students’ future career as it is outdated.

As per the sources Dr. Tahir tried his best to modify the syllabus but all of the faculty members resisted the change in syllabus and termed it as being ‘too ambitious’. Before designing the updated syllabus he also contacted senior journalists and professionals, all changes were made in light of the suggestions from the professionals. Faculty members of the department on the other hand opposed the modification of the syllabus and its implementation. This strong opposition against his aim and vision which was to enlighten the students with contemporary knowledge left him in disappointment, ultimately he felt disheartened and resigned.  Dr. Mahmood Ghaznavi has been appointed as Acting Chairman of the department for the time being.