Sheryar-MashoodSouth Waziristan: The columnist and journalist of Sach.TV Shehryar Mehsud has been arrested in South Waziristan as he was arrested to expose corruption of the political administration in FATA. It is pertinent to mention that Shehryar Mehsud has revealed the corruption in FATA in his last article as he used to expose corruption in FATA occasionally.

The last column of Shehryar Mehsud was about the corruption of the political administration in FATA which has printed in the column of Sach.TV due to which he got arrested in South Waziristan as another journalist has targeted for speaking truth. According to the details, Shehryar Mehsud has publicized political agent of SWA Islam Zeb’ who used to do corruption in the development projects of the city. Shehryar Mehsud’s column has also been published in Urdu daily Akhbar e Khyber after which administration of South Waziristan started to give threats to journalist Shehryar Mehsud.

However, administration of South Waziristan has denied the blame of arrest of Shehryar Mehsud and is silent on this issue. The Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mehtab Abbasi and federal government should take action in this regard by doing investigation. South Waziristan’s administration should not keep silent at this incident and if something is wrong in the column of Shehryar Mehsud, administration should verify the allegations.