TV Anchor Iftikhar AhmedIftikhar Ahmed is one of the most senior and experienced journalists of Pakistani media industry. He is currently appointed as senior anchorperson in the Dunya News Television and will start his new program on the channel soon. However he will also write columns for Dunya Newspaper, which will be published on editorial page and raise different social and political issues. Iftikhar Ahmed is also a political activist and started his political journey from Pakistan Peoples Party.

Iftikhar Ahmed whose real name is Agha Iftikhar Ahmed, was born on 4th of November, 1950 and gets his education from Lahore. He had completed higher education in oriental studies from Muhammedan Anglo-Oriental College, currently named as Aligarh Muslim University. In 1967, Iftikhar Ahmed started his political journey as a political activist and played his part in the movement against military dictator Ayub Khan. He is currently serving Parks and Horticulture Authority, Punjab as Vice Chairman. His political views are admired by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, founder of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Once in a program Capital Talk hosted by Hamid Mir on Geo News, Iftikhar Ahmed stated that “Pakistan may never see a leader better than Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and a slogan better than “Roti, Kapra aur Makan”.

He had started his journalism career in 1980 from Daily Pakistan Newspaper and also worked for Daily Aftab. Later on, he joined Jang Group in 1986 and associated with the group for almost 28 years. During this period, he had hosted the program “Jawad Deh” and had run Geo Election Cell. He had also worked for Geo News campaign “Zara Sochiye”, along with his fellow journalist Hamid Mir. He had also writes several columns in Jang Newspaper on different social and political issues of the country.

Iftikhar Ahmed left Geo and Jang Group in 2014 and joined Bol Network as senior vice president and senior anchorperson of Bol News. But after Axact fake degree scandal, Iftikhar Ahmed disassociated himself from the channel along with other fellow journalists including Kamran Khan, Azhar Abbas and Asma Shirazi.

The commitment of Iftikhar Ahmed with freedom of press and democracy in Pakistan is very loud and clear. He had also faced imprisonment by different Martial Law dictators and spent several days in jail for raising the voice in favour of democracy.