singer Gul PanraGul Panra is one of the most popular and widely known Pashto singer of Pakistan. She is one of the very few artists of Pakistan who have got popularity just after their appearance in the industry and made their name with the brilliant performance.

She is widely known for her outstanding performance in the Coke Studio 8, with another celebrity of Pakistan Atif Aslam. Her beautiful and innocent looks have got the attention of not only millions of people in Pakistan but also recognized in other countries also, where Pushto music lovers exist.

Early Life and Education

Gul Panra was born on 6th September 1989, in the capital city of KPK province, Peshawar. After completing her early education and intermediate with remarkable success, Gul Panra took admission in Peshawar University. In 2014, she had successfully completed her Masters in her favourite subject, Social Work with good marks. She has six sisters and one brother, all of them are younger than her as she is elder daughter of her parents. Being elder daughter of her family, Gul Panra proved herself as caring and beloved member of her home.

Beside of her busy schedule, Gul Panra always give some time to her family and spend a good time with them to release her work stress.

Singing Career

Stunning and beautiful Gul Panra had started her singing career in 2010, at the age of just 20 years old. At the initial stage, Gul Panra started singing for the concerts and different marriages within Peshawar city. Due to her brilliant and outstanding performance locally on stage, Gul Panra had grab the attention of thousands of people and people have started loving her touchy voice.

She only sung in Pashto language at the beginning of her career and had experienced many local and traditional Pashto songs. Just after her appearance at stage, people started dancing to make some rhythm with her songs.

While giving performance locally on stage in Peshawar, Gul Panra had got a chance to enter in the Pashto film industry as a playback singer. Gul Panra started her film career as a playback singer and she had performed in more than 20 Pashto films.

Her songs in almost all the films got popular and were widely appreciated by the listeners. Then she moved on and launched her own studio albums one by one. Malund, Meena Na Kawom and Zama Ghazal are her three Pashto albums which have been launched and appreciated by the people.

Her album Zama Ghazal gone viral on social media and got more than one million likes.

In August 2015, Gul Panra got a chance to enter in the Coke Studio Season 8 as a singer and sung a popular Persian traditional song, “Man Aamadeh Am”, along with the another popular singer Atif Aslam. Gul Panra had sung a Persian version in this song on Coke Studio Season 8, while Atif Aslam had sung Urdu version in it. The song “Man Aamadeh Am” gone viral on social media just after its release and widely circulated and shared on social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Gul Panra is also looking to release some new songs in Urdu language, in future.

While giving her interview, Gul Panra once said that she regularly attended music classes with famous Pashto maestro Ustad Nazeer Gul, while her first Pasto song Za lalparee yem, was launched by music director Master Ali Haider. Gul Panra had also performed several times outside the country including Afghanistan, Qatar and UAE. Her biography is full of success and appreciation, from everywhere. In 2013, it was reported by a popular Pakistani newspaper that Gul Panra has find her life partner, who belongs to Afghanistan but no updates have been released by her in this regards.

Contact Details

Gul Panra is active on her social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and shared updates regarding her songs on her social media accounts. Her fans can contact her on her Twitter and Facebook accounts, where she exists with the same name “Gul Panra”. Her email address is “”, while she also has her own website “”.