jehan-pakistan-newspaperWith the media boom, new channels, news papers have began to take grip in the society. Being equipped with sophisticated technology, many new channels have initiated in making their way in the field of journalism. Jehan Pakistan is among the on growing Urdu medium journalist channel that aims to revive the basic essence of journalism in the local language.

Jehan aims to excel in the field by working together with experienced professionals. It has its national editions Jehan Andaz, Jehan JagMag, Jehan Sunday, Jehan Mehran, Punjab Special Edition and New Elected Government bearing magazines. The media group maintains its Facebook page, has online website offering the readers with e-paper service. They present the notion that our present channels and newspapers using English as medium of journalism have alleviated from the very basic purpose of journalism. They stated that we aim to revive journalism in Pakistan and integrate our society through our press.

The online edition covers the local, international, entertainment, sports, business, science, technology and all the news covering from serious to comic mode.

Jehan Pakistan has their offices located in Karachi, Lahore and major cities of country. The media group invites the young enthusiastic, passionate, career oriented individuals to become part of the organization.


Phone #: 0800 11 121.

E-paper link:

Email: info[at]