Capital TV Channel pakistan logoWith the media boom in Pakistan various channels have take into competition by operating locally and nationally. There have had been an increase in the rise of  channels, newspapers that strive to set high standards and earn name as being the most credible organization and the media group. Recently few of the channels have also made their way into electronic medium including Abb Takk News Channel, DM News, and 5 Channel. Capital TV Channel is also among the newly introduced channels in Pakistan.

Capital TV news is a Pakistani news and infotainment channel that got officially launched this year in the month of April and began its nation wide transmission. It is an Islamabad based channel which covers current affairs and readily updates news items happening nationally. The newly introduced channel has panel of reputed journalists of the country including Asma Shirazi, Javed Iqbal, Fahd Hussain, Naseem Zehra and others. Shows are hosted by the columnist Javed Chaudhary who talks about various social, economic and political issues by inviting upon various guests and then presents his personal interpretation and views about the respective issue. The official website of this channel is under construction however it maintains its Facebook page and the twitter account where they readily keep updating the news items.

The channel is offering the freshly graduates to become part of the working team in various departments. Journalists seeking to begin their career can apply.

Capital TV can be contacted at the following address:

Email: careers[at]

Phone: + 92 51 844 50000

For Normal Email Inquiries:


Address: 1 Nazim-Ud-Din Road, F-10/ 4, Islamabad.