Rehan AllahwalaJamaat-e-Islami (JI) Chief Siraj ul Haq appreciated Rehan Allahwala who is an entrepreneur who is working for not just for commercial gains but humane cause too.

Siraj ul Haq commended his personality and remarked that his inner self is very clear and beautiful, he cares for humanity and is doing well for everyone. Siraj ul Haq added that Rehan possess many good qualities and he himself learned many things from Rehan.

Siraj ul Haq the JI chief said that we as human beings are not perfect but ALLAH created a perfect being the PROPHET MUHAMMAD (saww) and we can try at least to follow him to improve ourselves. He added that Rehan was doing this job very well and kept on learning for the sake of continuous improvement.

Siraj ul Haq said that we must keep on learning from each other’s experiences and mistakes to benefit fully from the life.

Rehan Allahwala is an entrepreneur who is the founder and owner of about 50 ventures around the world. His fist venture was Pakistan Computers which he started at the mere age of 13 years. His businesses are not confined to Pakistan but his presence in United States of America, Malaysia, Dubai and Singapore is also very firm. His mission is to eradicate poverty from the whole world and making all humans living on the planet equally enable.