Ayesha OmarOne of the leading actresses of Pakistani showbiz industry, Ayesha Omar has said that it is totally a miracle to survive in the accident. While posting her first statement after accident, Bulbuley actress told her fans and followers that it was very bad accident and the car in which she was travelling, totally destroyed. Ayesha Omar also told the whole scene of the accident on highway while travelling to Hyderabad. She said that an overtaking truck hit their car, due to which the car had a collision with another truck.

Ayesha said that she was not even in a condition to stand on her own feet, while Azfar Rehman carried her with the help of other people and take her to the hospital in Police mobile. After 3 days of initial treatment, Ayesha Omar has now released from the hospital and shifted to home. Her right shoulder is fractured and she had very bad and painful time after accident. Ayesha Omar also thanked Allah for saving both of them after that horrifying accident.

Ayesha Omar also thanked her colleagues including Maria Wasti, Erum Shahid, Alexandre Rizvi, and Mahnoor Sherazee for takinh care of her during this difficult time.