While the Pakistan film industry has witnessed its revival with the release of Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, Waar, Chambaili, another upcoming movie, ‘Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljala’ is to take on board of following the trend set by the previous movie released this year 2013.

The media sources have reported the making of ISPR funded movie with the project undertaken by Pakistan’s former doctor Dr. Taufeeq Razzaq. Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal (Protection of Magnificent God) is the last line of our national anthem. As indicates, the movie’s story is attempted to invoke patriotic spirit among the viewers, mostly directed at youth of the country.

The movie revolves around carrying the shots, covering the partition era and the historical moments with glimpses of various notable figures who had sacrificed their lives for the country.

Directorial debut of Umair Fazli, production and written work of Razzaq involves the cast of good names of the media industry. ‘Waar’ hero Shaan, Umair Sultan, Rambo, Arbaaz Khan, Naeyyar Ijaz, Shafqat Cheema , Nauman Ijaz and others would be seen in the movie.

Razzaq commenting on his project said that few of the private channels promoting pro-Indian content have misled the youngsters of our nation. We take the responsibility of inculcating the national spirit among them through our work.

Inter Service Intelligence Public Relations (ISPR) has funded the movie for the production stage while the armed forces have endorsed the project. Extended support and approval for the script in terms of location, proof reading of the events has been provided by the institution which looks forward in playing its role in uplifting Pakistan’s image and national spirit.

Razzaq does not hesitate to talk about ISPR association with the project.  According to him, he looks forward to the revival of Pakistan film industry with the ‘Pakistani’ insights for the events that happened in the war times, involving Pakistan.