Lahore: Lollywood Director Syed Noor said that Irani movies should be broadcasted besides the showing of Turkish movies in Pakistan. Syed Noor has said that Irani movies are famous all over the world movies of Islamic country should be shown in Pakistani cinemas so that the spirit of work increases.

Director Syed Noor, Shehzad Rafiq and other film directors have said that movies of all countries should be shown in Pakistani cinemas. They have said that the movies of overseas will bring the awareness in the people of Pakistan

[alert style=”white”] They have said that people of Pakistan will come to know about the culture of different countries by watching that movies. [/alert]

Syed NoorSyed Noor is a Pakistani film director based in Lahore. He is considered as one of the best film maker of Pakistan and is famous for making issue- based films wrapped in entertainment. Renowned Pakistani film director Syed Noor has wowed to bring about a positive change in the state of Pakistani film industry. Syed Noor was born in February 21, 1951. He is the husband of famous film star Saima Noor.