Mumbai: Indian Actor Govinda has said that he wants to come in Pakistan to meets his fans. Govinda has said that he loves his lovers and fans a lot. He has further said that whatever he is today just because of his lovers and family. He has told that to Indian director Sadar Khalid Azmi while talking to him.

While talking to Govinda, Khalid Azmi said to him that he will fulfill Govinda’s wish to meet his Pakistani fans. The chairman of Asian Art Council Aslam Mehmood Dehlvi has said that a program of Asian Art Council will be held for Govinda by him. It will be the memorable day for Govinda.

Indian actor govindaGovinda is an Indian actor and former politician. Govinda has received twelve Filmfare Awards nominations winning to Filmfare Awards including a special jury award and he has also won for Zee Cine Awards. Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. Since 1992 Govinda has been serving gourmet vegetarian cuisine in Tucson.